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„Голямата екскурзия“ от 89 г. – лична история

12 февруари 2010

Попаднахме на силна история, която г-н Ферад Зюлкияров е написал в блога си относно събитията през 1989 г. и личните си спомени от „голямата екскурзия“:

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the compelled migration of Bulgaria’s Turks. Being a part of the brutal forced assimilation process that the Bulgarian government imposed on the largest minority of the country, it is the biggest exodus that Europe has seen since the World War II. More than 320,000 people left their homes seeking for shelter and protection in Turkey. Later this became known as “The Big Excursion”. Here I will try to relate my recollections of the sad story of my family during this excursion.

Before Going – The Preparation
It was the summer of 1989, two years after my father lost his life in a tragic accident at work. Just when our grief over my father’s death was becoming a thing of the past, we faced an even more cruel reality. Following the forceful change of name and religion of not only the living but also the dead, which involved the breaking of the centuries-old tombstones, and killing and internment of the “disloyal” citizens in Belene, five-years of ethnic cleansing was coming to an end: we either had to give up our ethnic identity or leave the lands of our ancestors.

Целият текст може да се прочете тук.

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